Neural Engineering Day Poster Winners Announced

This year’s Neural Engineering Class presented their posters in the Biomedical Science Atrium to a keen crowd of students and faculty on April 22th.

The Neural Engineering course (BME6360), which is a project-based learning experience, teaches how to apply engineering techniques to study, repair, or replace the nervous system. Students presented their work on one of four projects they completed during the semester. The class is co-taught to graduate and undergraduate students and is a highly popular course across the College of Engineering.

At the poster day, awards (certificates and plush neurons) were presented by Dr. Aysegul Gunduz in best undergraduate, best graduate and best overall categories, along with honorable mentions. The winners and their project titles are as follows:

Honorable Mention— Casey Barnard, MAE, “Neural Encoding of Directional Tuning Preference in Primate Motor Cortex”

Honorable Mention— Yannis Liapis, BME, “Spike Sorting Using PCA and Clustering Methods”

Best Undergraduate Poster— Akshatha Rao, BME, “Neural Encoding of Motor Cortex in Macaque Monkey”

Best Graduate Poster— Jackson Cagle, BME, “Sensorimotor Rhythm Modulation During Cursor Control Feedback”

Best Overall Poster— Mizuki Miyatake, BME, “Feature Extraction from EEG for Sensorimotor Rhythm Based Brain Computer Interfaces”

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