Dr. Gunduz teaches BME4503L Bioinstrumentation Laboratory in the Falls. Students get a hands-on experience of building biomedical instruments and testing them on themselves. We build thermometers, EKG and PPG amplifiers (heart and blood flow rate monitors), neuroamplifiers; and even perform surgeries on cockroaches! The most valuable tool the students learn from the class is to methodologically troubleshoot their systems.

In Fall 2016, Dr. Gunduz taught BME3508 Biosignals & Systems.

Starting Fall 2017, Dr. Gunduz is teaching BME4503 Biomedical Instrumentation in the Fall semesters.


Dr. Gunduz teaches Neural Engineering in the Spring semesters which is co-listed as an undergraduate and graduate course (BME4931/6360). This is a project-based hands-on course, through which students learn about the different signal modalities that can be recorded from the nervous system, how to process these signals and how to map these into useful commands to understand, manipulate, replace, or treat the nervous system. Students present the results of their chosen projects at an annual poster day.

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